The Altruist League's research is designed to help its members maximize the effect of their investment in social progress.

Altruist League's Methodology

Our vision is to combine the best field work with the best technology platform. Our philosophy is based on the tenets of systemic philanthropy, bringing together the most effective aspects of traditional philanthropy and impact investing. We support intrinsically motivated, vision-driven investors unafraid to tackle the world's biggest problems.

The Altruist Index™

The League's 85+ locally embedded analysts track thousands of activist groups on six continents and select the most impactful ones for the Altruist Index™. This makes it possible for systemic philanthropists to support grassroots change worldwide.

Systemic Changemaker Score™ (SCS)

The SCS is the world's most comprehensive measure of an investor's support for systemic change. It helps investors understand the strengths and weaknesses of their portfolio, taking into account both for-profit investments (through ESG and SDG alignment) and the philanthropic ones (support for systemic policy and grassroots action). The SCS measures real-world effects rather than internal policies, intentions and pledges. A score of 65 or more is required for Altruist League membership.

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