Milos Maricic

Milos is an experienced angel and VC investor in disruptive technology and climate action. He has been advisor to leading impact funds and philanthropic organizations, as well as grassroots movement and accelerators. A veteran of the Red Cross Movement, he was educated at Harvard Business School and London School of Economics.

Ekaterina Chernova

Ekaterina brings in 20+ years of expertise in philanthropy and international development. Beginning with a prominent position with the Ford Foundation in Moscow, she spent her career with the United Nations, designing and funding systemic change in more than a dozen contexts in Africa, Latin America and beyond. She has degrees from Moscow State University, London School of Economics and Cornell University.

Stephen Li

Born in Chongqing, China and educated at London School and Economics and Harvard Business School, Stephen has spent his career in the financial consulting industry, most recently with McKinsey & Co, where he advised non-profits on maximizing their impact on the world. He is currently based out of Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

Amanda Smith

Amanda has spent her career helping tech companies and accelerators build world-class teams by hiring and retaining the best talent. She has also worked for the Boston Consulting Group, and was most recently Vice President of Recruitment at Google. She splits her time between California and New York City. She has degrees from University of Cambridge and Harvard Business School.

Decades of experience in venture building, impact investing and philanthropy.  


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