The core Member values are reflected in the following seven principles:

  1. We believe that philanthropy has a unique role in improving our world.

  2. We believe that the many social problems of our time call on us to step up and contribute decisively.

  3. We believe in tackling the root problems. Our climate is deteriorating rapidly. Women are still not far from equal. Economic opportunity is poorly spread. Racial injustice still lingers. Democracy is under constant threat of corruption and totalitarianism.

  4. We accept the complexity of these problems, and meet them with diversified portfolios that sow the seeds of real change.

  5. We support grassroots-led activist movements around the world, and trust them to do their work.

  6. We accept that solving entrenched problems takes hard work and many years. We are motivated by belief in a better world, a sense of accomplishment, of duty, of leaving a legacy.

  7. We know that big solutions take coalitions. We build broad alliances with governments, the private sector, international organizations and traditional philanthropy, and inspire and lead those alliances to achieve concrete results.


Membership of the Altruist League is by invitation only.


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